Letting Go and Moving Forward!

A recent Question someone asked me:
“How hard is it for people to get away from the past? How do you put the past in its rightful place”?

My response:
People tend to get stuck on things from their past. “However”, as long as they are willing to do the work and push through (this doesn’t mean avoid or deny), it means you allow yourself to feel, taking responsibility for any of your part (repentance/forgiveness) and then Allowing the Holy Spirit to bring healing and freedom in your soul and mind.   NOT allowing the past to define who you are or keep you stuck in the places of Guilt, Shame, Un-forgiveness, Bitterness, Grief which in turn only creates cycles of consistent toxic thinking, cycles of bad relationships, cycles of sickness in your body.   Cycles that develop continuous unhealthy patterns! Most often beliefs are formed at a very young age so whatever negative experiences you had as a child can become your belief as an adult.

EXAMPLE 1:  If you grew up in an abusive home and you were told; “You’re not good for anything!” Then as an adult, you pattern your life after those beliefs – You get into relationships with men or people who treat you like “You are not good for anything!” You will often start things and not finish them because you don’t believe you can do anything that’s “good enough”, you limit yourself to what you were truly created to do!

The Greatness of God lives on the inside of you! Therefore, you were created to do Great things!

EXAMPLE 2: You were raised in a decent home but your parents never had time for you.  A belief may be that you were not worth spending time with, so you grow up isolating yourself because you believe that people don’t want to have relationships with you, you put yourself in a box and don’t ever take chances or risks to develop relationships. God created us to be in relationship. We are wired for intimacy with the Father and we are wired for intimacy with one another.

How do I break these patterns of beliefs? You must first recognize they exist and then break off the words and thoughts that are contrary to Gods word! If He is always good and He is loving and He is kind then anything opposite of that truth isn’t Him!

It’s time to move forward!

Moving forward can be scary because it’s letting go of what’s “familiar.” The things we have held onto for so long, those beliefs which have held us in bondage, “FEAR” of the future.

Psalms 31:25 “She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.” Letting go is FREEDOM! Moving forward is the easy part, letting go of ALL that “WAS” this can keep us stuck!

When I think about letting go of the past.  I think about Lots Wife (Genesis 19) God told her “Don’t look back!” What was her consequence?  We have consequences for our actions.  We have free will and God gives us choices.  God is telling us; “Don’t look back”!  Why? Because He has so much more in store, He wants to lead you into His promises for your future!  You can live a life full of the goodness of the Father!

Letting go doesn’t mean everything we’ve been through has no meaning or that it wasn’t real or that it wasn’t painful! It means it no longer has power over us! Letting go also doesn’t mean that we will never experience hurts or tragedies in our lives but letting go of past pain and wounds will help us process in a healthier way! We will be able to see light and hope in those moments that bring us sorrow! God always turns what the enemy meant for harm for Good! (Genesis 50:20).

Your freedom is attached to someone else’s freedom! Your Freedom is attached to the next generation including your family! Your childrens/children!  Let go now so they won’t have to deal with the pains of the past!  That’s how powerful letting go can be!

You have everything you need to move forward, you have been given the keys to freedom! Do the work, allow God to go with you through the process and watch what He does!

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