Beautifully Scared

Have you ever been afraid to do something you’ve never done before? Wither it be starting a new job, a new business venture or going back to school? Or perhaps taking a flight on an airplane, being on a boat or driving over a bridge for the first time?

I can say from experience doing any of these things can be extremely scary. It’s the fear of experiencing the unknown, yet at the same time though scary it can also be exhilarating. How can something be scary and exciting both at the same time or better yet how can it be beautifully scary?

This beauty comes in different forms. It can come from the end result of a desire or dream fulfilled. It can also come from overcoming the fear of doing something you’ve never done and the experience that awaited you. The now I can say; “I’ve done that, I’ve been there, I’ve endured it!” There’s beauty in wisdom and life lessons. There’s beauty in taking risks for the first time. No one can ever share your experience like you. We all have a story to tell. A beautifully scary moment!

One of my many beautiful scary moments which inspired this blog was driving to NY, but not only driving to NY but driving over the Verrazano Bridge. I know to some that might not be scary but for me it was terrifying! First of all I heard so many scary stories about the driving in NY. No offense to all my NY friends but I’ve experienced it first hand. I got honked at for actually “stopping” at a stop sign for more than 3 seconds, they most def don’t follow the speed limit and it always feels like you are going to get hit because they will zoom right in front of you. Secondly, I do have a fear of driving over high bridges.

I’m not sure quite how I developed that fear other than an experience I remembered as a child in Milwaukee. I distinctively remember driving over a lift bridge and sitting in the car as the bridge lifted up to let a boat by and once the boat went through you could pass over. It felt like you were trapped on the bridge in that moment. I’m sure it’s not nearly as scary as I remembered it. Of course, when your a child everything is much bigger, much more imaginary and everything seems so much larger.

Here I am now, driving to NY on my way to visit friends. It’s time to make that pass over the bridge. I take a deep breath, hold on to the steering wheel, stay focused on staying in my lane and drive. My stomach nervous like on a roller coaster. As I’m at the top, I glance to the left for a second and I see this most beautiful view of the city! I wish I could snap a picture from right there. Instead, it will forever be stamped in my mind what a beautifully scary moment that I will cherish forever! I’m so glad I didn’t let fear steal or rob that moment!

What is your beautifully scary moment? Perhaps, you are in a cross road of that moment because it seems extremely terrifying to try. It’s best said this way, “You will never know until you try!” Don’t allow fear to keep you from experiencing your story. Imagine the beauty that can come out of the scary experiences, just as a child imagines big things even tho in our eyes they may appear small or perhaps overwhelming.

“If what you did yesterday still looks pretty big to you, then you haven’t done enough today” – Earle Wilson

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1 thought on “Beautifully Scared

  1. Robert Herrada June 11, 2019 — 2:17 am

    Yes..if I’m not driving bridges and mountains scare me. I LIKE THIS ARTICLE.


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