Emergency Interruption

I’m about to age myself here. How many remember growing up watching TV and then all of a sudden a loud ringing noise and the screen is covered with stripes of colors then you hear this message;

“We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming (broadcast) to Bring You This Important message”

I remember thinking; “Really!” Just put my show back on!

I am always intrigued by things that pop into my head unexpectedly so I did some research and found this interesting bit of knowledge.

The phrase “we interrupt this broadcast” has been used frequently by radio and television networks when breaking into a program in progress to deliver important news or information.

I found this quote when reading about the history behind that message; “Wherever we may happen to be, our lives stop for a moment, and we experience those few seconds of anxiety between the interruption and the actual announcement of what has happened.”[1]

Have you ever been in a place where you were headed down what you thought was a great story? You were so engrossed in every moment anticipating the next chapter and then all of sudden life brings this INTERRUPTION, and the message is clear; “We interrupt this plan to bring you something unexpected!”  A major life altering experience which changed the course of where you were heading.  Sometimes it doesn’t even make sense! These interruptions can be major inconveniences to our lives. Sometimes they can even be painful interruptions that cause us to be angry and bitter because we can’t see the purpose of them.

Interruptions in those moment can seem like a waste of time, a thought could even be; “why is this happening to me?”, but in the midst of it all we have an omniscience God who can see so far ahead, He knows every step we take, He knows our future and He knows exactly where we are in life.  He is the sound that alarms us to take a moment to notice, to stop and listen to what He is trying to say.  He has a message that is important, He has a plan that is greater than ours!

Those Emergency Interruptions were to warn people of an important message, something that needed to be heard because there could be great impact that could change things drastically.

When you are truly surrendered to allowing God to be the director of your path, sometimes He will step in to interrupt your plans. It’s never to bring pain or hurt us or cause us to live in a state of regret or anger. It’s because He loves us enough to show us what we need to see so that when we continue this journey of life we don’t do it with anxiety or fear of the future. We can step into each new day with the assurance of knowing that when and if things get interrupted we can Trust Him with the outcome!

“We humans keep brainstorming options and plans, but God’s purpose prevails.”  Proverbs 19:21 Message Bible

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1 thought on “Emergency Interruption

  1. You are an amazing beautiful woman! Although pain may hurt oh, it is for our growth! God is walking with us every step of our path leading and guiding us! There is nothing that can surprise him! So proud of you Selena! God will use this life experience as a training ground to the next level He is taking you


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